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USN 3XT Extreme Pump: A next generation pre-workout

Although I have had my fair share of pre-workouts through the years I am the first to admit that USN’s next generation 3XT Extreme Pump is definitely up there with the best of the best.

Important components influenced by what you take as part of your pre-workout supplementation are strength/power, endurance and absorption. Most pre-workout products focus heavily on the endurance aspect while neglecting the other. Some fail miserably at providing what you need to explode into full beast mode in the gym!

It is therefore not surprising USN 3XT Extreme Pump is making such a name for itself in gym circles as not only a powerhouse of a pre-workout but also a solid strength/power amplifier. If that’s not all – it provides an absorption component second to none that can help anyone regardless if you are a petite 50kg Bikini competitor or a super heavyweight 115kg weightlifter.

USN 3XT Extreme Pump separates itself from the competition in that it contains the following:

  • 3400mg L-Citrulline – For more strength and pump
  • 3600mg Arginine HCL – To boost performance
  • 3000mg Beta-Alanine – For increased muscle pump
  • 1600mg Betaine – To train longer and harder
  • 300mg Caffeine – For energy and focus

Wait. That’s not all. Ingredients for greater nitric oxide production, increased muscle performance and the streamlining of the absorption process have also been added to the list.

Benefits of USN 3XT Extreme Pump are:

  • Strength and pump
  • Longer and harder workouts
  • Increased muscle performance
  • Advanced focus
  • Maximum energy with minimum crash

Supplement review by Werner Beukes, Muscle Evolution Editor.

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  1. Usn 3xt extreme pump the best product! I’m in love! No limits with this product. Well done Usn!!!

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