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We’re all struggling with some kind of frustration at the moment that is stopping us from reaching our goals. Here is some ultimate motivation to get you out of bed and do something about it! Be UNBROKEN!


How to protect yourself in the gym and in public during these pandemic times..

The first and most effective form of prevention with the ever spreading COVID-19 virus that is slowly but surely making it’s way into our everyday lives is to stop being ignorant. As of today, Sunday 15th March 2020 there are currently 51 Corona Virus positive cases in South Africa. It only takes 1 case in your area or gym to completely change the dynamic of health in your area and that of your family.


8 Rules to Break in the Gym.

Sometimes rules need to be broken, especially when you need to go over the limit. This also holds true in the world of weights. If done correctly, breaking the rules can bring about the new gains you are after.


The Power of Repetitions.

Rep structure, timing and form are the foundation for proper weight lifting technique. Before you cast any shade on an article that talks about one of the most basic and fundamental elements of our training, namely repetitions, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to not only perform decent reps, but also don’t change up their reps during training. Knowing the difference between the different types of reps could single handedly ramp up your training and physique more than ever.


When Muscles Hit Back!

Training muscles to their limit is common practise among bodybuilders – but what happens when you reach breaking point?


5 Ways to Ramp up your Training Intensity!

Achieving the gains you are looking for in the gym is all about intensity. Without the right level of intensity your muscles won’t respond in the right way to the exercises you are doing and you won’t adapt at any great rate. So follow these top tips to up your training intensity and start seeing the results you want.


The Fundamentals of Fat Loss

Understanding what it really takes to cut fat and tighten up your physique.


FSF – Failure, Stretch, Failure Training

IFBB Pro Marius Dohne shares his adaptation to the popular FST-7 Training Principle used by top athletes all around the world and how he made it even better.


10 Quick tips to packing on quality muscle

Overthinking leads to confusion. When it comes to building quality muscle keep your mindset clear and simple.


The Importance of Proper Hydration

Why staying hydrated should be your key focus of the day.

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