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Athlete Profiles

Super Talent – Didi Yuan

A true success story. After being skinny and suffering from depression, Didi took to the gym to build her confidence and to grow some muscle – a move which changed her life forever. Fitness became her saving grace after having a baby in 2012 and after only 4 years of training and a whole heap of competition success she is now one of the leading PCA Pro athletes in South Africa.


There is hope! Drugs that have been found to battle COVID-19.

The fight against the Global Pandemic that is COVID-19 may have only just started in South Africa. Whilst China are seeing drops in numbers of people that are being contaminated with the virus and slowly but surely trying to piece their lives together. South Africa on the other hand has officially hit the charts as one of the fastest growing countries in the world with strict respect to the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading.

Athlete Profiles

Mr TNT – Jaco Venter

As the face of the TNT Mercury brand across SA, Jaco Venter is one of the last of a dying breed of Bodybuilders that you’ll find smashing weights around a gym in nothing less than a “balls to the wall” fashion. A multiple SA Champ in his own right and with an IBFF Pro Card to accompany his titles, Jaco is one of those guys who just gets bigger and better each and every year. With his no bullshit approach to training and life in general, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting this epic athlete, you’ll be pleased to realise that he is every drop a true ambassador for the sport here in SA.

Athlete Profiles

Pure Muscle – The Beautiful Tiana Flex

With 10 years of competitive success, Tiana Flex has done it all and built one of the most muscular physiques in SA which she carries with grace, beauty and sheer determination. Settling into the IFBB Pro League as one of their latest pro athletes, this girl’s magical career in the sport of Bodybuilding is only just beginning.


5 Ways to Ramp up your Training Intensity!

Achieving the gains you are looking for in the gym is all about intensity. Without the right level of intensity your muscles won’t respond in the right way to the exercises you are doing and you won’t adapt at any great rate. So follow these top tips to up your training intensity and start seeing the results you want.

Athlete Profiles

The Iconic Joe Manjoo

As one of South Africa’s most iconic Classic Bodybuilders, Joe Manjoo has built himself through iron, sheer will and pure obsession for being the best he can be. Hailing from Durban and with 28 years of training in the bag, Joe has stamped his name in the SA history books as one of the best Classic Bodybuilding athletes ever produced on SA shores.

Athlete Profiles

SA’s Fitness Superstar – Jaco De Bruyn

Jaco De Bruyn has firmly established himself as the most well known South African fitness icon to date. As a personal fitness brand and global influencer, the name Jaco De Bruyn in synonymous with global success. Having traveled all over the world to represent some of the biggest brands on the planet, Jaco is the poster boy for success stories when it comes to building yourself as a brand and marketing yourself, to influence millions of aspiring people around the globe.


An interview with Jaco Davidson

SA’s very own Jaco Davidson talks about life growing up in Benoni, the evolution of bodybuilding in South Africa and gives a fascinating insight into how steroids started right here in SA.

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