sibusiso kotelo

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A Prophecy Fulfilled – Sibusiso Kotelo

Sibusiso Kotelo was once a kid who graced a South African stage for the first time and showed more potential than anyone I’d ever seen. This kid was destined to grow muscle and he possessed inside him the genetic ability to grow muscle better than anyone I had ever seen at his age. It took him a few years to find his consistency, find his form, but he kept coming back for more and never gave up. Year after year he just got bigger, thicker and better with conditioning. The dictionary defines a prodigy as “a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities” or “an outstanding example of a particular quality.” My favourite description however is: “an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature.” Sibusiso Kotelo is just that – a freak of nature. That is why I gave him the name, “The Kid Prodigy.”


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