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Athlete Profiles

Super Talent – Didi Yuan

A true success story. After being skinny and suffering from depression, Didi took to the gym to build her confidence and to grow some muscle – a move which changed her life forever. Fitness became her saving grace after having a baby in 2012 and after only 4 years of training and a whole heap of competition success she is now one of the leading PCA Pro athletes in South Africa.


Blonde Bombshell – Jacqui Steinmann

As a Psychology graduate, a qualified chef, a fitness coach and a business woman, Jacqui Steinmann is anything but a regular blonde. Her hunger for knowledge and the pursuit of her dreams have set her aside as a woman on a mission to become the best she can be. A true sporting breed, she has taken part in most fitness activities that would leave the average girl out of breath. From Warrior Race to hockey, athletics and horse riding, this stunner is a pure jack of all trades when it comes to fitness and changing people’s lives.


The Gorgeous – Jenine Van Der Merwe

Starting off 2020 with one of the hottest girls currently dominating the bikini circuit is none other than the incredible and gorgeous Jenine van Der Merwe. Those that were avid readers of Muscle Evolution will know that we first featured Jenine 7 years ago in Issue 57 (Jan/feb 2013). This girl is simply amazing! Year after year her body has transformed into a masterpiece, and if you think she was hot back then, take a look at her now.

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