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Understanding Insulin Resistance

When it comes to bulk-up diets, eating too many calories for too long results in “nutrient overload”, which causes a type of cellular stress that induces anabolic resistance, where muscle becomes less responsive to the anabolic signals for growth. Insulin resistance is the gateway to this cascade of negative metabolic events.


EAA’s vs BCAA’s. What should you be using?

There is a huge debate out in the Industry about whether we should be using BCAA Supplements or EAA Supplements. Check out this video where John Meadows explains the difference and also explains why you should be turning more towards EAA’s over BCAA’s.


The Art of Nutrient Timing

Feeding your muscles for growth is a science. Here’s how to optimise your nutrition for the best results.


The Dangers of Dieting

Avoid dietary setbacks to keep muscle and shed fat.


The 10 Allies of Muscle Growth

10 of the most powerful allies you must use for maximum muscle growth!


Salt, earth’s miracle chemical component

The importance of salt in bodybuilding.


The Oily Truth

A simple guide to what oils to use and why.


10 Quick tips to packing on quality muscle

Overthinking leads to confusion. When it comes to building quality muscle keep your mindset clear and simple.


Supplemental Antioxidants

We breakdown what happens to your body during intense exercise and why trying to eliminate cell oxidisation is not recommended.


IL-6: The “Other” Leptin

Why taking in carbs during your workout is a good idea.

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