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Carb tips

In one of his latest newsletters Y3T-creator Neil Hill shares valuable knowledge on carbohydrates: Protein has been scientifically shown to be most beneficial for muscle growth when consumed within specific parameters. With a numerical attachment to protein it is easier to prescribe a specific protocol, although there is still a relatively vast ...

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Pump up them guns!

You want a bad ass Y3T arm workout? Well here is one, courtesy of Y3T-creator Neil Hill. Y3T Week 3 Arm Workout Giant set performed 3 times: Close Grip EZ Bar Press 20-25 reps Lying Cable Straight Bar Overhead Extensions 20-25 reps Incline Cable Straight Bar Overhead Extensions 20-25 reps ...

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Train your weaknesses first

Got a lagging or stubborn muscle group? In his latest newsletter Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill, founder of the world class training system Y3T, touches on the prioritisation of your weaker muscles to bring them up to speed with the rest of your physique. There are many things you can do to ...

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Learn how to squat bigger!

In another instalment of one of his popular newsletters Y3T founder Neil Hill shares valuable tips on how to squat correctly. The issue with squatting There is no question that squatting is one of the best ways to add muscle mass to your thighs whilst also improving overall physical conditioning. ...

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Y3T secrets to delt development

Neil Hill, the founder of the Y3T training system, knows his bodybuilding stuff. He is not trainer to world-class bodybuilding stars like James Flex Lewis and William Bonac for nothing. Hill recently shared his methods to instantly boost shoulder development via his newsletter: 1) Lead with deltoids This first point requires some ...

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Learn from Y3T’s Neil Hill

During the course of the 2017 Arnold Classic, we managed to get a private no holds barred seminar with one of the most well-known bodybuilding coaches on the planet – Neil Hill, also known as Yoda. Neil, creator of the Y3T training system, is the mind behind the contest prep ...

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