corona virus

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Why the Coronavirus seems to affect men more than it does women.

Scientists are saying that women have stronger immune responses to infection, whilst men seem to suffer more when contracting the virus.


Why Corticosteroids should be avoided in the treatment of the current coronavirus.

Whilst the research is still being done on the effects of high testosterone levels and the current Coronavirus, one thing seems to be certain and that is that Corticosteroids don’t offer much support in people recovering from COVID-19.


How to protect yourself in the gym and in public during these pandemic times..

The first and most effective form of prevention with the ever spreading COVID-19 virus that is slowly but surely making it’s way into our everyday lives is to stop being ignorant. As of today, Sunday 15th March 2020 there are currently 51 Corona Virus positive cases in South Africa. It only takes 1 case in your area or gym to completely change the dynamic of health in your area and that of your family.


PCA Shuts Down All Events Until End of May 2020

PCA Shuts Down All Events Until End of May 2020.

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