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Blonde, Fine & Determined to Shine! – Chantel Goncalves

Considering the short amount of time that this girl has been throwing the iron around, it goes without saying that if she looks like this after a few short years in the gym, then we can only imagine what the next few years is going to bring. With a goal to reach pro status on the International WBFF stage, this blonde and gorgeous mom will no doubt be representing SA in some big lineups in the near future.


Making Magic – Monique Jansen Van Vuuren

At 27 years old and with only 9 months of training before dominating her first show, the gorgeous Monique Jansen Van Vuuren has launched herself onto the fitness stage with no intention of slowing down! Small in frame but carrying good quality muscle, it’s easy to see why she is a crowd and judge favourite at any show she participates in. Watch this space! This girl has the potential to take the bikini division all the way to the top!


Determined and Drop Dead Gorgeous – Tarryn Zelow.

Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, underneath all this muscle is a relentless, hard-working, beautiful soul that spends her days changing women’s lives. On route for IFBB Pro League status, Tarryn Zelow spends her days enriching the lives of others, taking care of her young son, and using whatever time is left in the day to train, eat and persue her own dream of becoming a top level Pro athlete. One of the most well respected coaches and athletes in our game, this is Coach TZ.


Sultry and Sexy – Shelby Jessica Neves

In 2016 we received an entry into the USN Face of Fitness Magazine competition from what looked to be a very shy, young girl who was ready to embark on her journey into Fitness. 4 years later, overcoming her fear for weight training she has evolved into one of the most beautiful girls currently gracing the IFBB Elite Pro circuit. What started out as a personal goal to build a bit of muscle has become a Pro card, multiple Bikini Championship wins and one of the most photogenic and beautiful women we’ve seen come out of Sean Levitt’s camera.


The Gorgeous – Jenine Van Der Merwe

Starting off 2020 with one of the hottest girls currently dominating the bikini circuit is none other than the incredible and gorgeous Jenine van Der Merwe. Those that were avid readers of Muscle Evolution will know that we first featured Jenine 7 years ago in Issue 57 (Jan/feb 2013). This girl is simply amazing! Year after year her body has transformed into a masterpiece, and if you think she was hot back then, take a look at her now.

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