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Athlete Profiles

Mr TNT – Jaco Venter

As the face of the TNT Mercury brand across SA, Jaco Venter is one of the last of a dying breed of Bodybuilders that you’ll find smashing weights around a gym in nothing less than a “balls to the wall” fashion. A multiple SA Champ in his own right and with an IBFF Pro Card to accompany his titles, Jaco is one of those guys who just gets bigger and better each and every year. With his no bullshit approach to training and life in general, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting this epic athlete, you’ll be pleased to realise that he is every drop a true ambassador for the sport here in SA.

Athlete Profiles

Beware the Green Mamba! – Mduduzi Green

On this day, 37 years ago, somewhere in KZN a baby Green Mamba was born. Little did his mother know at the time that her new son would become one of the deadliest competitors on a South African Bodybuilding stage. Mdu was aptly given the nickname “The Green Mamba” partly because, well, his surname is Green, but apart from being one of the most humble and down to earth guys I’ve ever worked with, if you decide to step on stage with him, just be aware that as calm and humble as he is, he can strike like the deadliest snake in the room – often leaving all his competitors for dead.

Athlete Profiles

Cut Like a Diamond – Lusindiso Danster

At 26 years old, Lusindiso aka The Diamond as he is known across SA has already proven his incredible potential across South Africa and Internationally. Now pursuing a Pro card with the NPC/IFBB Pro League, he could very well just hit that mark if he keeps growing at the rate he currently is. He is perfectly proportioned and has incredible genetics for bodybuilding. It’s very clear that Lusindiso has a potentially crazy sporting career ahead of him and we can’t wait to see how he chops down the competition on his way to the top.

Athlete Profiles

Unstoppable – Carlos Nunes

Without a doubt one of the most well known physiques you’ll find on an SA stage, Carlos Nunes holds a massive 8 South African titles to his name and a ton of International accolades to boot. He has been training for 31 years and competing for 29. A true old school bodybuilder that knows no limits to his age defying legacy, Carlos Nunes is one of the most well respected South African athletes to ever grace the sport.

Athlete Profiles

Genetic Masterpiece – Arnold Vosloo

A profile on one of SA’s most talented Classic Physique Athletes – Arnold Vosloo.

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