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Quick Q&A with USN’s William Bonac

We caught up with Team USN athlete and IFBB Pro bodybuilder William Bonac to ask him about what he is using to make the most of every workout while prepping for the upcoming Mr. Olympia

William, what is the secret of your bodybuilding success?

Training hard and using the right supplements at the right time. Since joining USN my training has become more intense than ever because I am recovering faster between workouts. USN products provide me with everything I need for growth, recovery and gains.

Tell us about your supplement regimen?

I use the fast-absorbing BCAA Amino-Gro with Glutamine in the morning to keep my body from breaking down muscle and to speed up recovery. This is a must before and after training! I also use Whey gH first thing in the morning when I wake up to fill me with the right amount of protein. Before I hit the weights I consume Creatine Anabolic with BCAAs and 3XT Pump to give me the extra energy I need to train hard and to keep my muscles full during my workout. Last but not least, I use Whey Protein with BCAAs and Vitargo to refuel my body as part of my post-workout protocol.

What, in your opinion, is the best approach for dropping fat for a show?

Doing cardio on an empty stomach, lifting weights intelligently with shorter rest periods, eating clean and using Phedracut XT.

What is the best pre-workout formulation?

I think they are all great! They keep improving pre-workouts each year and the new ones will always feel better than the old.

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How do you limit muscle damage and switch on the anabolic process?

Many athletes have their own unique blend of intra-workout products but I have found the most effective for me personally are BCAAs Amino-Gro, Creatine Anabolic and Glutamine to provide me with what I need to aid and repair the muscle tissue I break down in the gym. I also make sure that I am drinking enough water throughout the day because water constitutes between 65 to 70 percent of the human body and is a vital component for muscle growth.

Keep up with William, catch him on Instagram for day-to-day action.

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