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Obese to benefit the most from dieting

People with a higher genetic risk for obesity benefit more from clean eating than those with a lower genetic risk.

Although the latest study on dieting was observational, the findings highlight the importance of sticking to a healthy diet when you are fat and out of shape. In fact, the researchers argue that “genetic predisposition is no barrier to successful weight management.”

According to one of the authors of the new study Dr. Lu Qi from Harvard University their finding stems from a new analysis of diet, lifestyle and medical data on approximately 14,000 men and women that had been collected. “We found that eating healthy foods – high intake of vegetable, fruits, whole grain, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, and low intakes of trans fat, fried foods and sugary drinks – lowers the risk of obesity and promotes weight loss for all populations. Interestingly, the protective effects appear to be more evident among those at higher genetic risk,” said Qi.

Obesity is defined as a complex disorder involving a mix of genes and environmental influences. Research has shown that diets high in sugar sweetened drinks and fried foods could amplify the genetic associations with higher body weight.

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