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Never back down on back day!

The back is an extremely important body part.

Someone who really wants to develop a phenomenal back is going to have to do some heavy lifting at some point. This does not mean you have to train like a competitive powerlifter but you need to perform some basic mass-building exercises.

If your goal is to compete on a stage you will also have to get into the process of gaining definition and peaking your physique.

For the back, and all the other body parts, it is wise to alternate between heavy and light workouts. A light day should not be an easy day but a time where you emphasise different aspects of the physique. You can try and do everything in every workout but it is not necessarily better.

Always remember fewer sets or fewer exercises per training session, does not mean less growth.

Look at the following example when you develop your own heavy/light back day schedule:

Heavy day

Barbell bent-over rows ~ 4×6-8

Pull-ups ~ 4 to failure

T-bar rows ~ 4×6-8

Deadlifts ~ 4×8-10

Light day

Wide-grip pulldowns ~ 3×15

Seated cable rows with narrow grip ~ 3×15

Machine rows ~ 3×15

Hyperextensions ~ 3×15

If the approach is not the exact way you feel your back routine should be structured, it will at least give you further insight into developing the best system for your own needs.

Always experiment to find out what works best for you!

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