Mr TNT – Jaco Venter

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Mr TNT – Jaco Venter

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief. Photography by Soulby Jackson (

As the face of the TNT Mercury brand across SA, Jaco Venter is one of the last of a dying breed of Bodybuilders that you’ll find smashing weights around a gym in nothing less than a “balls to the wall” fashion. A multiple SA Champ in his own right and with an IBFF Pro Card to accompany his titles, Jaco is one of those guys who just gets bigger and better each and every year. With his no bullshit approach to training and life in general, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting this epic athlete, you’ll be pleased to realise that he is every drop a true ambassador for the sport here in SA.

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Jaco Venter

Born: 13/07/1979

Lives: I Live in the capital of TNT – Pretoria

Trains: Planet Fitness Lynnwood and Planet Fitness Olympus

Years Training: I’ve been training in sports of all kinds all my life, but I’ve been training in the gym for 17 years.

Years Competing: Since 2010 so this will be my 10th year.

Federation of choice: At the Moment I am an IBFF Pro Athlete

Off-season weight: 102kg

Current Competitive Weight: 95kg

Most Notable Achievement/s to date: Overall Muscle Mulisha 2018 Champion, Overall IBFF World Cup Champion and Pro card. I also won the Overall division at the Shameen Classic.

Shortlist of competitive highlights:

2010 IFBB SA Champs – Placed 5th and also got a Fame Pro card that year

2011 IFBB SA Champs – 3rd Place.

2014 Nabba SA Champs – 2nd Place

2015 Nabba Pretoria Classic Overall Champion

2015 Nabba SA Champs – 2nd Place

Muscle Evolution Cover June 2015

Jaco as he appeared on the May/June 2015 edition of Muscle Evolution Magazine.

2016 IFBB Gauteng North Overall Champion

2018 Muscle Melisha NPC Overall Champion

2018 London Pro League Qualifier – 4th Place.

I also recently won the IBFF World Cup at Vodaworld and was awarded my Pro Card.


What do you do for a living? Sales at TNT Mercury

How do you split up your training days weekly? Currently I have a 3 day split , followed by a rest day and the another 3 day split with another rest day

Favourite body part to train: Chest and shoulders come easy to me and with a lot less effort I get max results, but I enjoy working hard on lacking areas.

Favourite Exercise: Hack squat

Favourite Diet Food: Salmon or anything some else makes – in other words not from my kitchen.

Best Cheat Meal: Sushi

Other Interests, Hobbies etc: Fly fishing, and just spending time with my family

Future Goals: Short term and long term goals. To get as fucking big as possible with dense muscle and thickness. I wanna show top athletes out there that you can be successful and have a balanced life. So the aim is to get huge, be financially stable , spend time with family and train like a demon.

Favourite International and Local athletes: Flex Lewis/Neil Hill

What motivates you? To see people motivated and committed that have very little genetic capability. It makes me think that if a person can be that motivated without being gifted with great genes, then what the fuck is my excuse.

How do you stay motivated? I train and surround myself with positive people that are machines and animals themselves.

What do you believe to be your number one character trait that makes you successful in this sport? I am consistent, committed, and I surround myself with winners and people that fight for what they have. Also the fact that I was not given the best genes just makes me work harder that anyone.

What encouraging words do you have for up and coming athletes that look up to you? Build a life, be balanced, but be obsessive. Work your plan and plan your work!

Famous Quotes you live by? If you do what you’ve always done, you”ll get what you always got.

Famous Last Words? Train like a animal, but let that animal be a smart and never ever look down on other people. Whether you’re a pro or a first year competitor, a gym member or a staff member, we are all equal and we all started somewhere.

For more on Jaco, check out his Instagram: @jacoventer1

and his Facebook Profile: Jaco Venter


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