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Missing breakfast can lead to poor health

Skipping the most important meal of your day can lead to health risks.

“People who regularly skip breakfast likely have an overall unhealthy lifestyle,” said Valentin Fuster, lead author of a new study which was recently published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

While studies in the past linked skipping breakfast to the risk of coronary heart disease this was the first one to probe the association between breakfast and the presence of what scientists call “subclinical atherosclerosis” or the hardening and narrowing of arteries due to a build-up of plaque.

“This study provides evidence that this is one bad habit people can proactively change to reduce their risk for heart disease,” said Fuster. He is convinced that skipping breakfast disrupts the body’s internal clock.

Atherosclerosis was observed more frequently among participants in the study who skipped breakfast. Cardiometabolic risk markers were also more prevalent in people who skipped breakfast. These participants had the greatest waist circumference, body mass index, blood lipids, blood pressure and fasting glucose levels. They were also more likely to be overweight and hypertensive.

The research formed part of a larger study that followed participants over a decade or more to see how disease in the arteries progresses. The research looked at the health and diets of 4,052 men and women, with no previous history of cardiovascular disease.

In the light of this evidence, it has been proven that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of your day.

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