Pure Muscle – The Beautiful Tiana Flex

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Pure Muscle – The Beautiful Tiana Flex

With 10 years of competitive success, Tiana Flex has done it all and built one of the most muscular physiques in SA which she carries with grace, beauty and sheer determination. Settling into the IFBB Pro League as one of their latest pro athletes, this girl’s magical career in the sport of Bodybuilding is only just beginning.

by Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief.

Full Name? Tiana Flex

Born? 20 July 1983

Lives? Pretoria

Trains? Core Fitness, Pretoria

Years Training? 11 Years

Years Competing? 10 Years

Federation of choice? NPC/IFBB Pro League

Off Season Weight? 75Kg

Current Competitive Weight? 67Kg

Most Notable Achievement to Date? Receiving IFBB Pro Card

What do you do for a living? Lifestyle Coach

How do you split up training days?

Monday: Leg day

Tuesday: Chest and Triceps

Wednesday: Back and Biceps

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Leg Day

Saturday: Shoulders and abs

Sunday: Rest Day

Favorite Body Part to train? Legs and back

Favourite Exercise? Lunges

Favorite Diet Food? Pre-Workout Meal

Best Cheat Meal? I don’t cheat with dirty food, I enjoy a Nando’s chicken and potato wedges and protein bars

Other Interests? Cars, Bikes, Horses and watching amazing movies.

Short term goal? Improving every time that I get on stage, improving my physique and improving my overall business.

Long term goal? Building my brand, learning more knowledge about nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle to become not only a phenomenal athlete, but lifestyle coach and helping as many people that may need it.

Favorite International Athletes? Shanique G. “Miss Olympia Women’s Physique” and Kai Greene

What motivates you? Seeing results and progression.

How do you stay motivated? Easy to stay motivated when you do what you love and love what you do.

What do you believe to be your number one character trait that makes you successful in this sport? I believe my number one character trait is being humble and consistent in every day goals and being driven to become the best version of me.

What encouraging words do you have for upcoming athletes that look up to you? Your goals might look far and impossible from where you stand right now, but word hard every day, do what needs to be done and you will move closer to those goals, before you even notice it will be within your grasp.

Famous Quotes you live by? “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

Famous last words? Don’t let people opinions about who they think you are and what your dreams are, take your eyes off your goals. You are responsible for your own happiness, so do what you love, be patient and never stop learning.

Instagram: tianaflex_ifbbpro

Facebook: Tiana Flex IFBB Pro

Competitive History:

2010 Pretoria Classics: Ladies Figure 1st Place

2010 WPF Northern Gauteng Regionals: Ladies Figure 1st Place

2012 Rossi Rainbow Classic: 2nd place

2012 NABBA Provincials: Ladies Figure 2nd Place, received PRO CARD with the title WFF SA PRO FIGURE DIVA

2013 WBFF South African Champion: Figure Division 1st place and overall figure champion.

2013 WBFF Worlds Las Vegas: Figure Division 11th place.

2014 Amateur Mr. Olympia: Ladies Physique 1st Place SA’s

2014 Amateur Mr. Olympia: Ladies Physique 1st Place SA’s

2014 IFBB Gauteng Regionals: Ladies Physique 1st Place

2015 IFBB Women’s Extreme: Ladies Physique 1st Place

2015 IFBB South African Championship: Ladies Physique 1st place and overall physique champion

2017 IFBB Regional Championship: Ladies Physique 1st place.

2017 IFBB SA Championship: Ladies Physique 4th place.

2019 NPC iCandy Classic KZN: 1st Place

2019 NPC iCandy Classic Johannesburg: 1st Place

2019 Amateur Olympia Spain: 3rd Place

2019 Bigman Weekend Pro Qualifier: 1st Place and 1st Place overall.


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