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John Leslie

Heavy and light training

I don’t have so-called heavy or light days but a basic way of training.

I start my workout with a compound movement such as barbell squat, bench press, military press or any other multi-joint exercise that will require the most weight. I believe in always using heavy poundages when I do the no-frills, basic movements. When I hit the compounds I focus on executing perfect form as I don’t believe in a sloppy style of training where you struggle and use momentum to complete a set! When I am done with the basics I use moderate to light heavy weights for the remainder of my workout with the emphasis entirely on peak contraction and the isolation of the specific muscle group I am training. I know some guys use a basic heavy workout and then a few days later hit the same muscle group with lighter weights. I believe you should rather listen to your body. Sometimes I also use lighter poundages but only if I feel like changing gears and do something completely different or if I am forced to work around an injury.

Mix it up

On other days I incorporate super and giants sets to cycle my training intensity. If you are serious about becoming a better bodybuilder you should make use of both heavy and light weights in your particular training split. Don’t rely exclusively on heavy or light poundages but mix it up and listen to your body. I recommend you push yourself hard whenever you can and always using the fullest range of motion available while sustaining tension on the target muscle. What exercises you choose to use in the gym really depends on your goals. As bodybuilders interested in muscle mass and aesthetics we don’t necessarily chase numbers like powerlifters (I have the utmost respect for these guys and their sport) but focus on the conditioning effect of a workout and putting in the work. My average rep ranges are usually: for heavy exercises – 6-10 reps and for lighter exercises 10 to 20 reps.

Train hard and keep the passion!

By John “The Terminator” Leslie

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