Forged Through Torment – Andrew Hudson

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Forged Through Torment – Andrew Hudson

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief

Mention the name Andrew Hudson to anyone that has been training for a few years and their face will always project a reaction of respect. Andrew is a man that has forged his physique through his own stubborn torment, motivated by those who told him he would never make it. As one of the biggest SA Pro athletes currently on the circuit, the man is a true testament to the fact that Bodybuilding is a marathon and not a sprint and with an off-season weight of 130kg and in good health, he is a true ambassador for the health and longevity that the sport can bring to an athlete’s life.

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Andrew Hudson

Born: 31 December 1983

Lives: Durban, South Africa

Trains: Wherever best suits my workout that day.

Years Training: 20

Years Competing: 18

Federation of choice: IFBB Pro League

Off-season weight: 130kg

Current Competitive Weight: 120kg

Most Notable Achievement/s to date: Junior World Champion 2004, Arnold Amateur Ohio winner 2014, IFBB Pro League Pro card holder.

Shortlist of competitive highlights: Winning the world champs as a junior was my 3rd show ever and totally overwhelming. The Arnold Classic South Africa 2016 (my pro debut) where I stood against some of the guys physiques I’ve admired for years, including: Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez, Brandon Curry and more.


What do you do for a living? Online training coach.

How do you split up your training days weekly? I train everything once a week but one body part gets 2 sessions per week. That changes from week to week. Could be back, chest, shoulders or arms that gets 2 sessions.

Favourite body part to train: All of them

Favourite Exercise: All of them.

Favourite Diet Food: I like to keep it simple so most of the foods I eat when dieting are the same foods I eat when not dieting.

Best Cheat Meal: I’m not a fan of the concept of cheat meals.

Other Interests, Hobbies etc: Any spare time I get I will be on my PC playing FPS games. Its just something completely separate to what I do for work and my main hobby which is of course Bodybuilding.

Future Goals: Short term and long term goals. Continue to focus on growing my business, mastering my craft of coaching people to improve their physiques and to be able to provide for my family. Long term it’s a goal to be able to have some more time off to be able to have more quality time with my family.

Favourite International and Local athletes: I admire Dexter Jackson for his longevity in the sport. I like John Meadows for his approach to life, business and competing. Locally Julian Ramdhari – his physique is just ridiculous, for sure one of the best South Africa has ever seen.

What motivates you? For training, I do it because I want to get onstage one day and be able to say to myself that this is the best I can possibly look. I am aiming for my all time best.

How do you stay motivated? I haven’t achieved my goal yet so I must keep going. I don’t need anything else to motivate me.

What do you believe to be your number one character trait that makes you successful in this sport? I am more stubborn than anyone can comprehend. When I first got into this sport a lot of people told me I would never make it, I had to prove them wrong. When I was young, nothing annoyed me more than someone saying to me I couldn’t do something. Now I couldn’t care less but the competitive bodybuilding part of me has hung onto that stubbornness.

What encouraging words do you have for up and coming athletes that look up to you? Take the long term approach so that each year you enjoy and can appreciate your progress. Look at nature and biology. Anything that is massive, muscular or beautiful doesn’t just become that overnight. It takes years. Our bodies are no different. The best physiques on the planet with the best genetics and access to all the things they need still take years to achieve greatness. For the rest of us, it would save you a good few years of your life accepting that and just focusing on your own journey. A lot of people get all emotional about this stuff with lofty desires and I’ll do anything to get to the top type of mindset. Not realising that it’s exactly that attitude that might prevent you from getting there. Too much too fast is not going to get you to places you can stay in comfortably or for long.

Famous Quotes you live by? Quotes to live by are stupid.

Famous Last Words? The best is yet to come.

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