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Flexing for glory at the NABBA/WFF’s Muscle Dynamix Classic

Camps Bay in Cape Town will turn into a battleground when muscled men and women clash to be crowned the best of the best in this weekend’s Muscle Dynamix Classic.

It is any competitor’s dream to rise above the opposition and leave the judges at a show no choice but to crown them as a champion. The objective is typically to ignore your body’s cravings for sleep, food and water and out-flex your rivals to present your very best on stage.

This will also be the case at the NABBA/WFF Muscle Dynamix showdown on Saturday, 14 April taking place at the Camps Bay High School. Registration for participating athletes starts at 10:30 with the battle for the most supreme muscle kicking off at 15:00.

Compete, watch and have fun! Visit www.nabbasa.com or the Muscle Dynamix Facebook page for info.

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