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Claire wins Diva Extravaganza

A dazzling Claire Schrikker-Bowles was crowned the Overall winner of the Ms. Diva Extravaganza hosted by the Physical Culture Association (PCA) in Cape Town at the weekend.

Claire first grabbed the attention of the judges with what can only adequately be described as a polished physique in the Toned Bikini under 1.63m line-up. Next up was the theme round followed by the Evening Wear category.

Another competitor who really stood out and rocked the house in this women’s show was the fabulous Shirleen Myburgh who dominated the Novice Toned Bikini under 1.63m, Toned Bikini over 35 and Evening Wear over 35 categories. The eye-catching Krystin Morgenrood, winner of the Toned Bikini over 1.63m division, was also in supreme condition. This year’s Diva Extravaganza was a night filled with glitz and glam and one that will be remembered for a long time.


Novice Toned Bikini under 1.63m

1. Shirleen Myburgh

2. Anneke Pretorius

3. Chandre Laubscher

Toned Bikini under 1.63m

1. Claire Schrikker-Bowles

2. Nerissa Ventura

3. Chantelle Grove

Toned Bikini over 1.63m

1. Krystin Morgenrood

2. Nita Nienaber

3. Tanya Genis

Toned Bikini over 35

1. Shirleen Myburgh

2. Anje Pansegrouw

3. Chandre Laubscher

Theme Round Comicon

1. Claire Schrikker-Bowlers

2. Nita Nienaber

3. Anje Pansegrouw

Evening Wear up to 1.63m

1. Claire Schrikker-Bowlers

2. Chantelle Grove

3. Anneke Pretorius

Evening Wear over 1.67m

1. Nita Nienaber

2. Krystin Morgenrood

3. Anje Pansegrouw

Evening Wear over 35

1. Shirleen Myburgh

2. Bernadine Schwartz

3. Tanya Genis

Overall Diva

Claire Schrikker-Bowles

* Report & Photo by Stehan Schoeman

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