Unstoppable – Carlos Nunes

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Unstoppable – Carlos Nunes

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief. Photos by Soulby jackson (www.skjphotography.co.za)

Without a doubt one of the most well known physiques you’ll find on an SA stage, Carlos Nunes holds a massive 8 South African titles to his name and a ton of International accolades to boot. He has been training for 31 years and competing for 29. A true old school bodybuilder that knows no limits to his age defying legacy, Carlos Nunes is one of the most well respected South African athletes to ever grace the sport.

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Carlos Nunes

Born: 28.08.1973

Lives: Meyersdal, Alberton

Trains: Premium Fitness Centre Meyersdal

Years Training: 31

Years Competing: 29

Federation of choice: IFBB Elite

Off-season weight: 105kg

Current Competitive Weight: 90kg

Most Notable Achievement/s to date: 3rd IFBB Elite Pro World Champs, Mexico Cancun

Shortlist of competitive highlights:

8 x IFBB SA Champ

4th Arnold Classic Africa Pro Debut 2018 – Open Div

4th Arnold Classic Africa Pro 2019 – U/90kg

5th IFBB Elite Greece Pro 2019 – Open Div

3rd IFBB Elite Pro World Champs, Mexico Cancun


What do you do for a living? Sales Manager

How do you split up your training days weekly? I train every day except on Friday.

Favourite body part to train? Legs

Favourite Exercise? Leg Press

Favourite Diet Food? Chicken and Rice

Best Cheat Meal? Domino’s Pizza

Other Interests, Hobbies etc? Riding my super bike

Future Goals: Short term and long term goals? Short term to win Arnold Classic Pro 2020 u/90kg / Long term Retire from bodybuilding healthy

Favourite International and Local athletes? International – Shawn Rhoden. Local – Marius Dohne

What motivates you? To be a better version of myself each time I step on stage

How do you stay motivated? My love and passion for the sport keeps me motivated, I always watch a lot of motivational videos and it keeps me wanting to do more and do better.

What do you believe to be your number one character trait that makes you successful in this sport? Most definitely discipline

What encouraging words do you have for up and coming athletes that look up to you? It’s not a race, take your time, and don’t be a great bodybuilder for a short period but rather be healthy and enjoy this sport for years to come regardless of age.

Famous Quotes you live by? Believe and you will achieve

Famous Last Words? Be kind, be humble – But whatever you do, be a BEAST!

For more information on Carlos check him out on:

Facebook: Carlos Nunes

Instagram: carlosnunes_7


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