Blonde Bombshell – Jacqui Steinmann

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Blonde Bombshell – Jacqui Steinmann

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief.

As a Psychology graduate, a qualified chef, a fitness coach and a business woman, Jacqui Steinmann is anything but a regular blonde. Her hunger for knowledge and the pursuit of her dreams have set her aside as a woman on a mission to become the best she can be. A true sporting breed, she has taken part in most fitness activities that would leave the average girl out of breath. From Warrior Race to hockey, athletics and horse riding, this stunner is a pure jack of all trades when it comes to fitness and changing people’s lives.

Full Name: Jacqui Steinmann

Born: Born in Johannesburg, I am a Capricorn. My birthday is 29 December.

Trains: I train and work at Moove Motion Fitness Club in Sunninghill and Dublin Strength In Rivonia.

Competing for: I have been a multi disciplined competitive sporting athlete my whole life, but have been specifically in the fitness industry for only 3 Years.

Training for: As a Fitness athlete – 3 years. But I have always been into the gym, healthy lifestyles and sports.

Competition weight: 54kg

Federation choice: WBFF

Most Notable Achievement: I won my Pro Card at Wbff London as a WBFF Pro Bikini athlete in 2017. I also won most photogenic athlete

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

I am absolutely passionate about the fitness industry. I have been a very competitive multi disciplined sports athlete throughout my life. I have competed at Provincial and National level for sports including Waterpolo, hockey and athletics. I have been a sports coach in various sports, at school and University level. I am a Psychology Graduate, Qualified chef having run my own health cafe and having worked at some top hotels. I also have many academic achievements relating to business, fitness, coaching, dieting and training. I have a four year old little girl, three Rottweilers, a cat and a hamster. I love to travel, I have traveled quite extensively including Europe, The States, and the East. I am more of a reader than someone who watches TV and I am currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I regularly compete in local sports events like obstacle course races, powerlifting competitions and love being involved in fun sporting events. I have been a judge in local fitness competitions and have a strong rapport with many aspects of the fitness and health industry in South Africa. I work alongside, and closely with some of the most influential and knowledgeable coaches and trainers, and have an endless pool of resources and knowledge that I can pull on. I am constantly endeavoring to expand my knowledge and skills, by attending workshops, and fitness related courses. I am a sponsored EHP lab athlete, and was previously sponsored by SSN. I love EHP lab products and the international standing the products have in the world. I also love good food, a night out with friends and entertaining.

How did you get into the fitness scene?

Being active and sporty comes naturally to me and is in my blood. Both my parents were very sporty in their youth and my brother was a great athlete too. I became a WBFF Bikini Pro athlete 6 months after having my daughter, Isabella, who is almost 4 years old. When she was 6 months old, I contacted Jack Lotter from STS to help me get back into shape, and he suggested I work towards a goal, and that goal made me a WBFF Pro in London. Since then I wanted to make my passion a career, and you know what they say “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I wake up every day super excited to see my clients and have a positive impact in the peoples lives that I come across. I worked under the STS umbrella which is an exceptional platform for any new coach to work under, to learn the skills necessary to make fitness a career in South Africa. I moved across to Moove Motion Fitness Club in September 2019, and endeavoured upon starting my own niche business in the fitness industry called VictrixLife. Using the foundation of my Psychology skills, Chef background, Running my own businesses, and now coaching people through my business platform VictrixLife, I have an extensive pool of knowledge to have an all encompassing platform to give people the tools to enter a healthy lifestyle themselves. I know what it’s like to seek balance with a busy lifestyle, find the time to train, eat well and run a business. I find that structure, routine and accountability is how one can achieve success in healthy lifestyle goals.

Run us through a typical day in your life.

I normally wake up at about 4 am everyday. And depending on the day, I start work at 5am with my first client. If I am not seeing clients I take my daughter to school and do admin in the early hours. I train people at Moove Motion Fitness club in Sunninghill, a gym with the best equipment and set up in my opinion in South Africa. We have a fully functional gym, with separate gyms for Boxing, Crossfit and for people who love the HIIT aspects called Core. I love being in this environment. If I have gaps in the morning, I schedule time to work on my online training clients, set new people up, I may study, listen to podcasts or work on my website. I normally train people until 12. then I train myself. I train daily and vary my splits for targeting body parts or whatever sporting events I am working towards. I train twice a week with Walkerstrength in Rivonia who helps with Powerlifting moves, and specific glute training. I believe every coach needs a coach and needs to be coachable. After training, I will normally pick my daughter up from play school and spend the afternoons with her, baking, swimming, horse riding, doing art or another fun activity. I am an early riser, so I am ready for bed and asleep by 21h00.

What motivates you?

Passion! No one is going to do it for me. I love what I do, and knowing that daily I have the opportunity to inspire and motivate so many people is really my driving force. I want to make an impact on people’s lives and help them for life. I want to be the reason people are excited to train and transition their lives to become healthier versions of themselves.

What do you do for fun when you’re not training?

I eat! I love food and am a really big foodie. Not so much of a “fine dining” person but tasty cheat meal foods totally fills me up. I love Salsa in Pineslopes, Turn and Tender and Fireroom in Monte. I spend time with friends, and occasionally go out to some places that I enjoy like Billy the Bums, Toy Toy in town for some Techno or I love to entertain friends for dinner parties. I am often at the Country club in Woodmead, or Auckland park. I love the facilities and will hit some golf balls or play a round of tennis. I spend a lot of time with my daughter doing fun kids activities and she is an amazing and talented little girl that also loves being outdoors and doing activities. It’s difficult for me to “sit still” so anything active is what I like to do.

You’ve done quite a few shoots, which ones are you favourite?

I used to be a mainstream model with Ice Model Management. I modeled when I was in University to earn extra money and that allowed me to travel and meet many different people from all walks of life. So now, I do collaborations or paid collaborations with many brands whereby I will shoot items for them and we all benefit. I have a tendency to lean towards being a bit more sexy, than smiley. But I do believe being athletic with some muscle really is sexy and I want people to realise that women are beautiful with a bit of muscle and meat on their bones, without being manly and masculine.

Who is your favourite photographer?

Without a doubt – Marc Dryden Schofield. He has been a massive influence in my fitness career, encouraging me to shoot and also to help market myself in the industry. I love his specialist style in Fitness shooting and that he is really passionate about his career as a top fitness photographer. He has also become a good friend of mine, supporting me through some seriously challenging personal issues I have had. He has a lot of respect in the industry and has helped launch many a fitness athlete career. I have shot with many photographers and always like shooting with different people with different styles. I really like Garreth Barclay, Sean Levitt, Maxine Richards and a new up and coming photographer who calls himself “shot by T.”

What are you goals with respect to fitness?

I want to become one of the best coaches in the country and internationally and enable people from all walks of life to achieve their own fitness goals. I am along way from being where I want to be. I just want to simplify health and fitness and make the transition for people easy and achievable. My website is aimed at making fitness affordable, by setting up plans that people can follow on a state of the art application, by guiding them through workouts that have videos attached. I also want to compete again as a WBFF Pro, and stand alongside the best international bikini athletes internationally. I love sports so I still want to continue competing in Warrior races, and other sporting competitions. You have to love what you do to keep fit. Pointless not having goals or things to work towards and to better oneself.

What are you favourite foods to eat when dieting and not dieting?

I am a big protein fan. So a great steak or ribs will hit the spot. A great braai with good friends or a big traditional long Sunday Lunch is also right up there.

Where is your favourite place on the planet?

Ibiza in Spain. I have had some of the best holidays there, because it combines island life with nightlife, in the most surreal beautiful settings.

What are some hard lessons you’ve learned along the way in the gym?

That there are no “quick fixes” and consistency is key. Progressive overload is King. Many people, including myself, are lead to believe that Detox teas, and gimmicky products will outweigh a bad diet. And that all these “4 weeks” to a toned tummy are realistic. They are NOT! Change for life comes down to habits that you build for life, consistency and by following a plan that will teach you and guide you through what needs to be done for life. Love the training you do, and work towards improvements.

What do you love and dislike about the bodybuilding/fitness industry in SA?

We really do have world class athletes with so much potential. Finances and sponsorships for a lot of these athletes is the challenge. We also don’t have enough support for competing internationally, and a lot of the chances to compete internationally and affording the opportunity comes out of one’s own pocket. I also feel that a lot of coaches believe they are the “truth and the light”. At the end of the day, so long as the foundations are met and a client will exercise or follow a plan because they want to and not to be lead by fear is what should be aimed for. We have so much potential with so many brilliant coaches, gyms, supplement companies and people who really believe in the future of bodybuilding. It would be great where prize money and winning local competitions, the athletes get fully sponsored to compete overseas against other world class athletes.

Who has inspired you throughout your competitive career and why?

Jack Lotter from STS has been an anchor for me and an integral part of me on my journey. I am no longer affiliated to STS, but he was certainly a driving force for me. From a career point of view and now as a coach in the industry. I have left STS and Jack was a great mentor to me. I got offered an amazing opportunity to Join the Moove family and I love it there.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the gym?

I love training glutes. I have had to work hard to develop strength and size in my glutes. I train Glutes with Walkerstrength from Dublinstrength in Rivonia. Its a hard and very taxing muscle to train and I believe that every coach needs a coach.

What’s your least favourite thing to do in the gym?

Chest. I have boobs. So I struggle to accept the need to train that area- but I am well aware of the need to.

Any aspiring words for the ladies out there that would love to build a great body?

Don’t be scared to lift HEAVY. Cardio is not the answer to a sexy sculptured body. Find a coach you like, and let them design a plan for you. Its pointless to just wing it in the gym. Results will come a lot faster if you combine a well calculated eating plan and training programme teaching you skills for life, not just a quick fix.

Famous last words?

Grateful for my lessons and grateful for all the challenges I have endured, so that it has made me better equipped to help others and for ME to become a better more inspiring, and inspired person in many aspects of my life.

For more on Jacqui check out her Instagram: @jacqui_steinmann

Her Facbook Page: Jacqui Steinmann

You can also check out her website!


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