Beware the Green Mamba! – Mduduzi Green

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Beware the Green Mamba! – Mduduzi Green

On this day, 37 years ago, somewhere in KZN a baby Green Mamba was born. Little did his mother know at the time that her new son would become one of the deadliest competitors on a South African Bodybuilding stage. Mdu was aptly given the nickname “The Green Mamba” partly because, well, his surname is Green, but apart from being one of the most humble and down to earth guys I’ve ever worked with, if you decide to step on stage with him, just be aware that as calm and humble as he is, he can strike like the deadliest snake in the room – often leaving all his competitors for dead.

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief. Photography by Slade Mansfield (

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Mduduzi Nicholas Green
Born: 2nd March 1983
Lives: New Germany, Pinetown, KZN.
Trains: Virgin Active Pinetown
Years Training: 18
Years Competing: 12
Federation of choice: IFBB
Most Notable Achievement/s to date: NABBA overall winner 2012 and 6th place IFBB World Champs Morocco


What do you do for a living? I am a Personal Trainer.
Favourite body part to train? Legs
Favourite Exercise? Squats
Favourite Diet Food? Chicken, Fish, Ostrich and veg
Best Cheat Meal? Pizza
What motivates you? Seeing the changes my body goes through when prepping for a show.
How do you stay motivated? I always remember where I started.
What do you believe to be your number one character trait that makes you successful in this sport? Patience
Famous Quotes you live by? Go big or go home.

For more on the Mamba check out his instagram: Mdugreen1

You can also check out his Facebook profile on: Mdu Green


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