Arnold Classic Finals 2020 – The Top Four!

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Arnold Classic Finals 2020 – The Top Four!

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief

The 2020 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio started out like no other show in the History of Bodybuilding. With an announcement shortly before this weekend that there would be no expo and no audience of large capacity (except for close family and friends) due to the fact that with the Corona Virus spreading worldwide, the local government of Ohio deemed it safer to eliminate the possibility of large crowds congregating together and potentially spreading the virus even further.

Whilst this was probably a good call for the citizens of Columbus, Ohio and anyone else that intended to venture into the finals of the Arnolds to watch some of the worlds best pro bodybuilders compete, it couldn’t have been good for business seeing that the Arnold’s draws hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the globe and brings in Millions of dollars of revenue. That being said, saving people from a global epidemic and putting people’s health first was definitely the smarter choice.

The Top 4 in the Men’s Bodybuilding final came down to Big Ramy (Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay), Dexter “The Blade” Jackson, William “The Conqueror” Bonac and last but not least, Steve “King Snake” Kuclo. With this being Dexter Jackson’s last Arnold Classic in Columbus, all eyes were on the The Blade as he took to the stage to try and win his last AC in Ohio, ever – but it was not to be. The Conqueror – William Bonac managed to pull ahead of Dex, taking yet another Arnold Classic Victory, but unfortunately not by a mile. The top 4 as you can see in the video below, presented great proportions and size, but none of them really stood out as the clear favourite at the evening show. Not one of the top 4 managed to dial in their conditioning to a point where you can even really and honestly be super impressed. With Dexter slowly starting to lose size, and in my opinion especially his triceps, you could see that he wasn’t his normal self on stage and was easily set for second place. Had Ramy come in much tighter than he did on the night, I think we might have seen Dex taking 3rd to Big Ramy.

Bonac easily took the win, but from the back poses, as you can see in the video, not one of the top 4 managed to dial in their hamstrings or glutes or lower backs to a point where it was night and day with the decision making. That being said, it was awesome to see Dexter do a walk around the stage at the end of the evening as he was given a standing ovation from the audience, showing their respect to the man with more wins than any other pro bodybuilder still alive today.


1. William Bonac
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Big Ramy
4. Steve Kuclo
5. Sergio Oliva Jr.
6. Cedric McMillan


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