A Prophecy Fulfilled – Sibusiso Kotelo

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A Prophecy Fulfilled – Sibusiso Kotelo

Sibusiso Kotelo was once a kid who graced a South African stage for the first time and showed more potential than anyone I’d ever seen. This kid was destined to grow muscle and he possessed inside him the genetic ability to grow muscle better than anyone I had ever seen at his age. It took him a few years to find his consistency, find his form, but he kept coming back for more and never gave up. Year after year he just got bigger, thicker and better with conditioning. The dictionary defines a prodigy as “a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities” or “an outstanding example of a particular quality.” My favourite description however is: “an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature.Sibusiso Kotelo is just that – a freak of nature. That is why I gave him the name, “The Kid Prodigy.”

By Andrew Carruthers, Editor-In-Chief

Sibu on the March/April 2015 Cover of Muscle Evolution Magazine – Issue 70.

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Sibusiso Kotelo

Born: 29 October 1991

Lives: Johannesburg, South Africa

Trains: Unique physique with my head coach Jack Lotter. I also go to Performance Purist with my strength and conditioning coach Joshua Capazorio 

Years Training: From 2014 to present.

Years Competing: 5 years in total, however only going into my second year as a Professional this year (2020)

Federation of choice: IFBB Pro League 

Off-season weight: 138kgs 

Current Competitive Weight: 126kgs

Most Notable Achievement/s to date:

2018 – Winning my Pro Card in Philippines

Shortlist of competitive highlights:

2018 China Golden Times Overall winner 


What do you do for a living? Personal Trainer when I’m not competing, otherwise Professional Bodybuilder.

How do you split up your training days weekly?

During prep, I train twice a day, targeting the same muscle group. In the morning I do strength and conditioning fasted, and my second session is hypertrophy training. Off-season I train 5 days a week, only once a day targeting one muscle group per day.

Favourite body part to train:


Favourite Exercise:

If it constitutes legs or back, I shall not be skipping that exercise.

Favourite Diet Food:

Chicken and rice or mince and rice.

Best Cheat Meal:

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

Other Interests, Hobbies etc: Dance Kizomba, I read. And strangely enough I enjoy people watching.  It’s actually a thing. 

Future Goals. Short term and long term goals:

 Short term to win my first pro show

Long term to be competitive on the Olympia stage and hopefully win it. 

Favourite International and Local athletes:

International- Kevin Levrone 

Local – Sifiso Thabethe 

What motivates you?

Lots of things. The desire to be better, Haters, People that look up to me, The human spirit. I find motivation in the most odd of places.

How do you stay motivated?

 It’s hard. It’s single handedly the most difficult thing to do. But it’s just refusing to give up and absolutely refusing to forsake your goal. 

What do you believe to be your number one character trait that makes you successful in this sport?

 Locally – keeping to myself and keeping my circle small 

Internationally – being relatable and communication skills. I personally think I have a great sense of humour. 

What encouraging words do you have for up and coming athletes that look up to you?

Cliche as it is. But don’t give up. It’s so easy to give up and forget your goals. But it doesn’t rain forever. Storms come and they knock us down and tumble us over. But it doesn’t rain forever. 

Famous Quotes you live by?

“It’s none of my business what people think of me. But it is my business what I give them to think about” 

“To whom much is given. Much is required” 

Famous Last Words?

The Kid Prodigy is a nickname I got from this platform back in the magazine days. It’s stuck over the years and will continue too. So thank you to Muscle Evolution for the platform.

For more on Sibu, check out:

Instagram: @sibusisokotelo

Facebook Page:

Sibusiso Kotelo

Also check out his website at:



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