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A champion’s mindset

Nothing good ever comes easy. Anyone who achieves success without a fight is probably not that great. This also applies to bodybuilding.

Iconic musclemen like Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman are often seen as having a certain killer instinct which they used to their advantage to achieve the highest levels in bodybuilding. Their mindset, however, is much more abstract than winning trophies on stage.

They possess internal qualities that give them a certain edge. The difference between good and great is often marginal, but enough to make a difference. In training and dieting, any seasoned competitor will tell you that it is the small things that can make a huge difference. Success is not the result of a secret formula, but rather developing a winning mindset.

In the competitive arena you will always face challenges, but it is what you choose to make of it that is important. What are these common personality traits that separate the champs from the rest, then?

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