February 10, 2020

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Dianabol – The Full Steroid Profile

The Full Steroid Profile of Dianabol, one of the first steroids ever made, also known as the “Breakfast of Champions”


9 Ways to get Absolutely Shredded!

As the 2020 competitive season is around the corner, athletes around the country are hard at work trying to dial in their conditioning. One key element in this regard, provided that the appropriate amount of muscle has been developed over the off-season, is dropping body fat to single digit levels. This is not an easy task though as it becomes a fine balancing act to decrease subcutaneous body fat levels while holding on to that hard-earned muscle.


Sultry and Sexy – Shelby Jessica Neves

In 2016 we received an entry into the USN Face of Fitness Magazine competition from what looked to be a very shy, young girl who was ready to embark on her journey into Fitness. 4 years later, overcoming her fear for weight training she has evolved into one of the most beautiful girls currently gracing the IFBB Elite Pro circuit. What started out as a personal goal to build a bit of muscle has become a Pro card, multiple Bikini Championship wins and one of the most photogenic and beautiful women we’ve seen come out of Sean Levitt’s camera.

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