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USN’s Phedracut Slimpacks: A convenient way to shredville

Phedracut, manufactured by USN, must be one of the most trusted thermogenic fat burners on the market today.

If weight loss is on your mind but you find it tough to swallow capsules – don’t lose hope. USN’s Phedracut Slimpacks is sold in a box containing 20 sachets that can make a refreshing beverage. Each sacket contains one drink serving and is almost the equivalent of three Phedracut XT capsules.

When you increase your training sessions in the gym while simultaneously cutting back on the calories you are bound to lose a significant amount of weight. Adding USN’s Phedracut Slimpacks to your weight loss regime this summer will make it easier to find your way to shredville.

What is it?

Slimpacks contain a blend of natural ingredients which have been proven effective in weight loss.


Increases fat burning activity

Advanced blood glucose regulation

Reduces carbohydrate absorption

Suppresses appetite

Reduces glucose production in the liver

Boosts mood and enhances mental awareness

Inhibits formation of fat cells

Delivers antioxidant effect

How to take it?

Mix 1 sacket into a 500ml bottle of water and shake well. You can take your first serving in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes prior to your workout or breakfast. It can also be used as an energising drink during training or before lunch but avoid using Phedracut Slimpacks after 4pm.

When to take it?

30 Minutes before breakfast and lunch

Recommended usage?

Take Phedracut Slimpack for 5 consecutive days of the week and stop use for 2 days before continuing again.


  • Mango-Orange
  • Citrus
  • Berry

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