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Train your weaknesses first

Got a lagging or stubborn muscle group? In his latest newsletter Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill, founder of the world class training system Y3T, touches on the prioritisation of your weaker muscles to bring them up to speed with the rest of your physique.

There are many things you can do to force a stubborn muscle to grow. In fact, I could write a book on ways to generate more hypertrophy in troublesome areas of your physique – the topic is that vast! I’ve always enjoyed trying to help my clients develop muscle groups which are their weakest, I see it as a puzzle which needs to be solved.
Here is one specific tip which can help improve the growth of a stubborn muscle group for you…

Alter your training split! There are many ways to structure a training programme which optimises hypertrophy but just consider this first…
If you have a weak muscle group you should be training that at the start of your week. Why? Simple, you will have more physical energy and mental focus which needs investing on your weakest muscle group the most.

I see many people training their best muscle groups first because they enjoy it more. However, if you want to change your weakness into a strength it needs prioritising!

Whilst on the subject of your training split and your weakest muscle group I’d also recommend adding in some ancillary exercises 4-5 days after the first workout. This means doing anywhere between 5-10 sets, not to failure, focusing on time under tension just to re-stimulate muscle protein synthesis in that area.

This will help if you apply this advice correctly.

Remember your physique is only as strong as your weakest muscle group.

Y3T is Hill’s ultimate muscle-making programme. It built IFBB Pro athletes like Flex Lewis, William Bonac, Ryan Terry and Steve Cook. It will build you too.

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