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Keep an eye out for the X-Man!

Toney Freeman in SA

The quintessential X-Man Toney Freeman will attend this year’s Arnold Classic Africa.

Freeman, a former IFBB Pro bodybuilder known for his rare combination of mass and aesthetics, will be at the Arnold Classic Africa expo, scheduled to be hosted in Johannesburg from 18 to 20 May 2018. He will also be hosting seminars while in South Africa.

Freeman has more than 70 professional shows on his resume, highlighted by placing 5-times in the Mr. Olympia competition and 3-times at the Arnold Classic.

The 52-year-old has expressed interest in stepping on stage again, competing in the Classic Physique division.

Blast your back to new dimensions with one of the X-Man’s favourite routines:

Deadlifts 4×10-15 (pyramiding up in weight)

Chin-ups 4×10-12

Barbell rows 4×10-12

Lat pulldowns 4×10-12

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