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Throwback Interview: Jaco Venter

In Muscle Evolution’s edition of July/August 2015 we interviewed Jaco Venter, one of South Africa’s most consistent bodybuilders. With multiple bodybuilding titles under his belt and still competing on the circuit, Jaco is as passionate about the sport as when he landed a spot on the cover of our magazine.

What do you enjoy most about bodybuilding?

I like the discipline that it takes to be the best you can be and the feeling you get when you have reached your goals.

What pre-workout products do you use?

I have learned a lot about pre-workout nutrition from John Meadows. My favourite is rice, flour, almond nut butter and whey isolate. I get hungry just thinking about it! I also take TNT Napalm before my workout.

Jaco’s off-season workout split:

Day 1 – Legs

Day 2 – Chest, shoulders, triceps

Day 3 – Back and biceps

Day 4 – Legs (optional)

Day 5 – Chest, shoulders, triceps (optional)

Day 6 – Back and biceps (optional)

Day 7 – Off

Tell us more about your particular split?

I like John Meadows’ philosophy on training and nutrition. I believe that as a coach, he is second to none. His principles are rooted in fact and not fiction. I have made improvements in my physique in a relative short period of time by following his methodology. I cover all my body parts in three days and use the next three days to do extra sessions for those body parts that I feel are lagging and need more work.

Focus on the contraction of the muscle when you train. Picking up heavy weights is no accomplishment for me.”

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