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Throwback Interview: Dohne Domination

Over the years Muscle Evolution had the pleasure of interviewing many bodybuilders, experts and industry professionals. In our May/June 2015 edition we featured one of SA’s best bodybuilders, IFBB Pro Marius Dohne.

Tell us about the other Pro’s you have met while competing across the globe?

Most of the guys I had the honour of meeting, like Evan Centopani, Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson are all nice, easy going guys. I don’t have anyone I don’t like. When I compete I usually keep to myself to focus on the task at hand.

You have spectacular wheels. What’s your philosophy when it comes to leg training?

I believe in training legs hard because they are a big body part and can take a lot of punishment. I train them three times a week – two quad sessions and one hamstring session. I will perform high reps, but now and then I will go super heavy.

What was it like competing in the Arnold Classic in Columbus, the second most prestigious competition in all of bodybuilding?

It was a huge privilege to stand bicep to bicep on stage next to the biggest names in the world of bodybuilding.

Can you give us a sample of your pre-contest diet?

My body responds best when I stay full and keep my carbs high. I push my carbs quite high but I struggle to eat huge portions. I have an extremely fast metabolic rate and I believe my body functions best on extremely high carbs. Depletion, I believe, is only needed if you are behind and need to catch up when you prep for a show.

Meal 1: 8 egg whites and 150g oats

Meat 2: 250g chicken and 400g rice

Meal 3: 250g hake and 400g rice

Meal 4: 7 egg whites and 150g oats

Meal 5: 200g chicken and 400g rice

Meal 6: 250g hake and asparagus


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