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Think About Your Training Methodology

By Hennie Kotze, IFBB Pro bodybuilder

When an athlete starts working with me they would often ask me why I use a lot of repetitions in my workouts. My answer is always: “Because it works!”

I previously had the wonderful privilege of working with IFBB Pro bodybuilder Gary Strydom and Y3T trainer Neil Hill to improve my own training principles.

These gents taught me that high repetition training, if applied correctly, can be extremely powerful. Higher reps add muscle and burn unwanted fat. In fact, high repetition training was the reason I managed to place 5th at the IFBB Chicago Pro.

If you can master the art of using higher repetition ranges properly you will most definitely see results within a matter of weeks.

High reps will produce the following:

  • More muscle tissue
  • More separation within the muscle
  • More volume/fullness
  • Lower body fat levels
  • Healthier joints

Common mistakes athletes are making with high rep training are:

  • Not applying enough intensity
  • Using the wrong volume
  • Using the wrong rep tempo
  • Using the wrong rest periods
  • Not cycling their reps and training volume properly

I divide my training into different segments. Week 1 I basically focus on compound movements and lower reps.

In week 2 I combine compound and isolation exercises and perform reps in the medium range with drop sets here and there.

Week 3 I focus on high to very high reps with drop and triple drop sets.

After week 3 I return to week 1 and the whole process starts all over again. This rotation is imperative to avoid stagnation which I will explain in more depth in a future blog. Hopefully these points have sparked your interest and made you think about your own training methodology.

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