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Theacrine: An alternative to caffeine

Caffeine as a mental and physical stimulant is a staple in everyone’s daily life. Known for giving you a kick when you need it the most, there can also be some drawbacks to your favourite cup of coffee in the morning before gym.

Let’s be honest – for a vast majority of people coffee has become more of an entrenched habit than an energizer. Caffeine consumption, in fact, can lead to a vicious cycle of fatigue and insomnia. Some of the negative side effects of caffeine include:
• Accelerated heartbeat
• Restlessness
• Muscle tremors
• Nervousness
The chronic use of caffeine can cause physical dependence which means you need to continue taking more and more of it to achieve the same desired effect. As we become increasingly desensitised to caffeine over time we are forced to increase the amount we consume.

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