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USN Man Remade Samuel Frauenstein

The Strongman Supplement Plan – USN’s Samuel Frauenstein

The Strongman Supplement Plan: Samuel Frauenstein‘s approach to supplementation and nutrition revealed.

The nutritional requirements of strongman competitors like Team USN Elite athlete Samuel Frauenstein varies to those of bodybuilders as their goals are completely different.

Where bodybuilders focus on aesthetics, with muscle gain and fat loss of paramount importance, strongmen require rapid recovery, seemingly limitless strength and unconstrained power. But, if we’re honest, more bodybuilders could take queues from an athlete of Samuel’s calibre, because a stronger bodybuilder is a bigger bodybuilder.

We take an exclusive look inside the nutrition and supplement strategies that have helped this iconic bearded strongman become one of SA’s best.

How do you strategically incorporate supplements into your nutrition plan to take advantage of natural shifts in anabolic hormone levels to maximise muscle gain?
The first thing I do when I wake up every day is take some USN Hardcore GH1 protein to shift my body from a catabolic to an anabolic state as fast as possible. I make sure I sip on USN Amino Grow throughout the day to keep my muscles fed and primed for my next session. I take a double serving of USN Liquid Muscle before and after my workouts to ensure my body recovers quickly and that muscles are protected from the increased cortisol levels. I stack this with USN Testo GH to boost anabolism following what is an extreme catabolic period. Another important period for me is before bed. I never miss a serving of ZMA. I drink it down with 60g (a triple serving) of USN Casein protein to keep my body anabolic while I sleep.

What is the best approach you’ve used to achieve peak conditioning through the combined efforts of nutrition, supplementation and training?
As a strongman dropping body fat is not as important as it is for my bodybuilding mates. However, I try and keep my body fat in check for obvious health reasons. We consume a huge amount of calories to chase strength and size, so I use USN PhedraCut XT to keep it in check. It’s also great as a source of energy for me when I hit that afternoon slump and need to start focusing and preparing for my workout, which happens at 18h30.

Which supplements are mainstays in your nutrition plan, and which are the products you use periodically? When do you use these products and why?
My staples are USN Hardcore GH1 Whey Protein, Anavol, B4Bomb and Amino Grow – they’re always in my diet. I sometimes include USN 3XT Pump when my workouts include more volume work and when I do my higher rep assistance work. It helps me with endurance, and who doesn’t like the huge pump? Depending on the stage of my training, I’ll include USN Liquid Muscle. When I do a lot of strongman event work, where the sessions last for 3-4 hours, the HMB really becomes crucial to protect the muscle mass I’ve worked so hard to gain.

What, in your experience, is the best pre-workout formulation?
USN B4Bomb is fantastic. I really like the strength and increased intensity I get from it. On my way to the gym I can feel that tingle start and that’s when I know, it’s game time!

What type of workout would you consider using a pre-workout supplement for?
My workouts are always centred around either squats or deadlifts, and pressing with a few assistance variations. Between those sessions and strongman event sessions, I tend to use B4Bomb and 3XT Pump with every session. Even when I’ve a de-load (or light) week, I use it because if you don’t focus and respect the light weights, the heavy ones will never become light.

Many athletes have their own unique blend of intra-workouts. What have you found to be the most effective at limiting muscle damage during intense training and switching on that anabolic process as soon as possible?
My intra-workout supplement of choice consists of 1 scoop of Anavol, 1 scoop of Vitargo, 1 scoop of Amino Gro, 2 scoops Glutamine, and a scoop of creatine monohydrate. This really gives me the best combination and a flood of beneficial nutrients that give the body a serious boost when it needs it most. It also tastes amazing!

What does your post-workout nutrition and supplementation routine consist of?
3 scoops of USN Hardcore GH1 Whey Protein, 2 scoops of Glutamine, and 2 scoops of Vitargo, with a scoop of creatine.

What other products do you incorporate into your daily supplement and nutrition plan, and why have you chosen to include them?
USN Amino Gro and Joint Flex are supplements that I use throughout the day, particularly after a gruelling session. Recovery is crucial for strongmen because there is no real “small” muscle group session. Each session includes big compound lifts and revolves around hitting a certain percentage of maximum weight for a predetermined amount of reps.

How do you take full advantage of that highly anabolic period during your sleep cycle with the help of supplementation and nutrition?
I take ZMA along with 3 servings of Casein and 2 tablespoons of MCT oil to slow down the digestion and prolong the nutrient uptake. I have a USN Protein Bar next to my bed each night for when I wake up, and I add Glutamine and Amino Lean into my water bottle to sip on throughout the night.


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