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Bodybuilding truths

To reach true muscledom you need to learn the rules of the road that will take you to your destination! Intensity, intensity, intensity Take your final set, whenever you can, on each movement to failure. Always try and move more weight or do more reps. Take a break Know when ...

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Intensive care

Manage your intensity and get on the gain train

Manage your intensity and get on the gain train Bodybuilders are always looking for new ways to improve workouts and get the most out of each rep and set. There are numerous ways to increase intensity in the gym. Follow these four tried and tested intensifiers and you will be ...

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CNS Fatigue

CNS fatigue, bodybuilder training

How the nervous system responds to weight training By Devlin Brown It is not uncommon to hear pseudo-science phrases being bandied about the gym between sets at the water cooler. Most often, making decisions based on bad “bro-science” is like watching an episode of CSI and then claiming you’re an ...

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