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The cardio versus weights debate

Researchers recently measured weight lifting versus cardiovascular exercise to determine which was best for weight loss. They found that cardio burns more calories and is best for reducing fat mass but excessive cardio can lead to a loss in muscle. Not a good thing when you are a bodybuilder! On the ...

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Sit less, move more

People who sit down for extended periods of time are at almost double the risk of dying younger, a new study suggests. A desk-bound lifestyle Researchers at the Columbia University found that people with desk jobs are at risk of dying younger. The study, of nearly 8,000 adults aged 45 ...

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The impact of TRT

Scientists found that replacement therapy improved the quality of life in men diagnosed with testosterone deficiency. Well-tolerated “It is thought that testosterone treatment in men may increase prostate size and worsen lower urinary tract symptoms,” said Abdulmaged Traish, PhD, professor of urology. He discovered there were fewer urinary symptoms such ...

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Gym protects the heart

New research conducted by the São Paulo Research Foundation in South America shows that exercise helps rid heart cells of dysfunctional mitochondria. Cleansing mechanism “Basically, we discovered that aerobic training facilitates the removal of dysfunctional mitochondria from heart cells,” said Professor Julio Ferreira, a researcher who formed part of a ...

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Scientists bust myth of ‘healthy obese’

healthy obese

A new study has shown that extra weight could raise a person’s risk of coronary heart disease, even if they are otherwise healthy. The latest findings of a study, published in the European Heart Journal, add to a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests being ‘fat but fit’ is ...

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Lack of H2O just as bad as smoking

mild dehydration levels in humans can impair vascular function nearly as much as smoking a cigarette.

Bodybuilders and other hard training athletes have known for ages the importance of keeping hydrated and replenishing fluids lost during exercise New research New research recently published in the European Journal of Nutrition indicates that even mild dehydration levels in humans can impair vascular function nearly as much as smoking ...

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Rest and muscle growth

Very short rest periods between sets could compromise muscle growth

Very short rest periods between sets could compromise muscle growth Little thought is usually given to this important training variable but the amount of rest you take between sets significantly affects muscle tension and metabolite buildup – two critical elements of building bigger muscles. American researcher Brad Schoenfeld and his team ...

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