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Improving muscle tone

If you are on the hunt for that toned look you might be in for a big surprise! According to exercise scientist Wayne Westcott part of how ‘toned’ you become basically boils down to genetics. But don’t get disheartened! We all have muscles and we can all work to develop ...

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Exercise: How much is enough?

To produce real results during your gym sessions you have to train consistently. According to exercise physiologist Chris Jordan you have to at least exercise four to five times a week to improve your health. “You have to commit to doing it regularly,” says Jordan. His view is supported by ...

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Strong enough

Muscle Evolution Editor, Werner Beukes

A great way to build endurance is to run, cycle or swim If your goal is to do these activities more efficiently you should lift weights to improve your strength so that you can run up a hill and reach the top with something left in the tank. Compound moves ...

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Cardio or weights first?

Cardio before weights?

Does it matter if you do cardio first or strength first? Moritz Schumann and his team of researchers at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland recently tested 34 physically active and healthy young men on a combined program of strength and endurance training for 24 weeks. Although the benefits of combined endurance and ...

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