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Bodybuilding Shows – March 2018

bodybuilding shows march

March 16-18 – IFBB Arnold Classic Australia Where: The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia Promoter: Tony Doherty Any Arnold Classic is a big deal but the Arnold Classic in Australia is shaping up to be bigger than ever. Now in its fourth year the Arnold Classic in Australia will ...

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Stay away from ‘the dirty dozen’

You cannot eat junk food and expect good results in the bodybuilding arena. According to bodybuilding expert Tom Venuto the top twelve worst fat-storing foods an athlete should never eat are the following: Ice cream Fried foods Doughnuts and pastries Candy, chocolates and sweets Soda Fruit drinks and other sugar-sweetened ...

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Cut down on coffee to boost performance

Caffeine’s performance enhancing benefits are more evident if you are not a regular consumer. According to the team of researchers behind the latest study, athletes with high habitual caffeine consumption could hamper its performance-enhancing benefits when they need them most. As a central nervous system stimulator caffeine is known to ...

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Gym mistakes to avoid

Workouts can become routine and when you are in a rut you are most likely to get injured. This is the reason exercise physiologist Rachel Straub authored a book called ‘Weight Training Without Injury’ on how to stay safe when you lift weights. “People get bored; there are ten ways ...

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Sauna sessions as good as exercise

Findings from a new study suggest that using a sauna may affect your heart and blood vessels in ways that are similar to cardiovascular exercise. Finnish researchers tested the impact of a 30-minute sauna session and found a drop in blood pressure and artery “stiffness” in participants of the study. ...

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Big-gain hunting for 2018

Muscle Evolution editor, Werner Beukes posing inside Body Conscious gym

Talk to any successful competitive bodybuilder about what mental shifts occur when they are about to start their prep for a contest and you are bound to get the same answer: “A switch turns on and you just know it’s go time!” As we find ourselves at the start of ...

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A link between food and mood

You are what you eat. In fact, your mood depends on the food you eat. Researchers from Binghamton University in New York have found that mood in young adults (18-29) seems to be dependent on food that increases the availability of neurotransmitter precursors and concentrations in the brain such as ...

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Are we maxed out?

Have we as human species reached our maximum limit for physical performance? In a review, a first of its kind spanning 120 years worth of information, scientists have considered the effects of both genetic and environmental parameters. According to scientist Jean-Francois Toussaint, who was part of the research team that ...

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Exercise and heart health

One training session at the gym can cause clinically relevant protection against cardiovascular disease. The results of a new study led by Professor Dick Thijssen have shown that between one and three training sessions per week can provide strong protection for the heart. According to Thijssen even a single workout ...

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Is a low-carb diet superior to a low-fat one?

In a new long-term diet study where magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) imaging technology was used for the first time scientists found low-carbohydrate diets to be superior to low-fat diets. “Weighing patients or using blood tests to detect changes, hasn’t, until now, given us accurate pictures, literally, of how different fat ...

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