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South Africa’s own Super League

Get ready for something different.

Super League, a combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting, will be introduced to South Africans this year. In Super League athletes compete against one another in two areas: physical output and body measurements via 3D laser technology . The sport component involves competitors performing eight standard lifts that exhibit the strength of all their major muscle groups.

The Super League lifts are:









The other segment of the competition involves laser measurement technology that provides the analytics of an athlete’s body. South Africa’s Super League will be limited to 32 contestants. Competitors will be judged not only on their physique but also for their strength and performance.

Weight classes will consist of:

Men Super heavyweight – 108kg and over

Men Heavyweight – 99kg up to 107.99kg

Men Cruiserweight – 90kg up to 98.99kg

Men Light Heavyweight – up to 89.99kg

Women Middleweight – 63kg up to 68kg and over

Women Lightweight – 59kg up to 62.99kg

Women Featherweight – 54 up to 58.99kg

Women Angel-weight – 53.99kg and below

As brain child of former bodybuilder Jea Jung, the concept of Super League was first unveiled by 6X Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates in Las Vegas in 2017. To compete athletes are drafted by the Super League Council members.

Super League South Africa is looking for the super humans that walk among us!

Check out the facebook page @superleaguesouthafrica if you think you are super human.

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