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Shifting muscle fibre types

As bodybuilder or powerlifter your efforts in the gym gravitate toward building strength and power by increasing your force output as much as possible. Whether you move weight to build muscle to lift a bodybuilding trophy, or smash a powerlifting record it’s pertinent to consider how to train your muscles based on their predominant muscle fibre composition.

The difference in muscle fibres

We’re all a little bit different when it comes to our muscle fibre composition.

Type I muscle fibres, also known as slow twitch fibres, are not very powerful, but don’t fatigue easily. Elite endurance athletes such as cyclists, marathon runners and triathletes tend to have a higher proportion of type 1 muscle fibres. These are the most efficient fibres used when training for extended periods of time.
Type 2 muscle fibres, also called fast twitch fibres, are more powerful, but fatigue much faster. Strength athletes tend to have a higher proportion of these muscle fibres.

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