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Scott Wilson dies, aged 67

Golden era bodybuilder Scott Wilson has died.

As a former Mr. America Wilson was the epitome of a hardcore professional bodybuilder during his time on the competitive circuit. He was known for his exceptional shoulder and leg development. In later years he also competed in the Masters Mr. Olympia contest. Wilson’s accomplishments in bodybuilding and powerlifting are well documented:

Bodybuilding career highlights

1973 – Amateur Mr. San Diego – 1st

1974 – AAU Mr. California – 1st

1975 – AAU Mr. America – 6th

– AAU Mr. America – 3rd (Pro Card)

1976 – WBBG Pro Mr. America – 1st

1978 – NBA Natural Mr. America – 5th

1979 – NBA Natural Mr. America – 3rd

1980 – IFBB Mr. International – 2nd

1981 – IFBB Canada Pro Cup – 7th

– IFBB Mr. International – 1st

1983 – IFBB Grand Prix Denver – 6th

– IFBB Grand Prix Portland – 1st

– IFBB World Pro Championships – 5th

1984 – IFBB Canada Pro Cup – 6th

– IFBB World Grand Prix – 6th

– IFBB World Pro Championships – 9th

1985 – IFBB Night of Champions – 14th

1986 – IFBB Los Angeles Pro Championships – 10th

– IFBB World Pro Championships – 12th

1988 – IFBB Grand Prix US Pro – 4th

– IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational – 8th

– IFBB World Pro Championships – 6th

1994 – IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia – 11th

1998 – NABF North Carolina Super Natural – 2nd

1999 – IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia – 10th

2000 – IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia – 8th

Powerlifting records:

Bench Press – 263kg

Squat – 340kg

Deadlift – 333kg

Wilson died on Monday, 7 May and is survived by his wife, Vy and three sons, Scott, Michael and Erik.

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  1. I was fortunate to have met him and trained at his World’s Gym in Campbell, Ca after he left Gold’s in San Jose in the late 80’s. He was still a big guy and a few years later started training for the Masters. He was nice enough to show this young teenager some workouts, give advice and share stories of his bodybuilding competitions. A class act from what I knew. I only wish I had the courage back then to pick his brain some more. Rest in Peace, Mr. Wilson and Thank You!

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