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Regan surprises fans at NY Pro

Bodybuilding fans who expected Regan Grimes to compete in the Open Bodybuilding division at the IFBB New York Pro were pleasantly surprised when he decided to rather flex in the Classic Physique line-up in one of the most prestigious professional bodybuilding shows in the world.

Each year dozens of competitors across all divisions gather in White Plains, New York to prove their worth at the IFBB Pro League show. Regan went on record stating that he will compete in the Open weight division but fast forward to the actual show and his supporters saw him trading poses in the Classic Physique class. Not only did Regan switch divisions at the last minute but he also won the contest due to his incredible combination of size and aesthetics. He perfectly epitomises a modern-day mass with class type of physique. A few months ago Regan even travelled to Kuwait to train at the Oxygen Gym to become more competitive in the Open weight division.

In a recent interview he was quoted as saying: “I have no intentions of playing the size game at the expense of losing my lines. One thing I avoid is deadlifts, and I don’t do as many compound movements in general as most top bodybuilders I know. I prefer more isolation exercises, where I can totally focus on the muscle group I’m working.”

The real question now is whether the young Canadian will remain in the Classic Physique or return to Open Bodybuilding? Also, how will he fare against his fellow countryman, the talented Chris Bumstead who also possesses a decidedly aesthetic look?

Regan’s training split:

Day 1: Chest, front and medial deltoids and triceps

Day 2: Back, rear deltoids and biceps

Day 3: Legs

Day 4: Chest, front and medial deltoids and triceps

Day 5: Back, rear deltoids and biceps

Day 6: Legs

Day 7: Off

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