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Quick Q & A with amateur bodybuilder Gerhard Nel ahead of the Arnold Classic Africa

Quick Q & A with Gerhard Nel

Quick Q & A with amateur bodybuilder Gerhard Nel ahead of the Arnold Classic Africa

Overall winner of the IFBB Millennium Gold Plate Gerhard Nel is prepping hard for our first Arnold Classic to be held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 27 to 29 May. Muscle Evolution caught up with Gerhard to ask him about his views on the show.

Gerhard, what is the most difficult aspect of prepping for a big show like the Arnold?

The most difficult part is to keep a balance between prepping, working and family time. You cannot neglect one of these as they all are equally important.

How does your training change between competition and the off-season?

I tend to stick to the big lifts when I train in the off-season. When I prep for a contest like the Arnold I focus more on isolation exercises and incorporate a lot of super and drop sets to really tax the body. I believe in muscle confusion – so I will always change my exercises, even if it is only changing from barbells to dumbbells.

What is the secret of dieting for a competition of this magnitude?

It is simple. I follow my diet 100 percent and don’t deviate from it!

Would you recommend a more powerlifting- or bodybuilding-style program for those who are looking to add bulk in the off-season?

Bodybuilders must follow a bodybuilding-style program using heavy weights with the correct form. Stick to a rep range between 6 and 10 with shorter rest periods than powerlifters to keep the intensity high and to force blood into the body.

Are you excited about competing in the amateur show at the Arnold?

I think it’s awesome. As an amateur bodybuilder I am competing in the Masters and Senior Men divisions. Back in 2014 I was privileged to compete at the European Arnold Classic in Madrid, Spain and was totally blown away by the sheer size of the show. It is going to be fantastic!

Go to www.arnoldclassicafrica.com for more info on the show.

Photographer: Cindy Ellis | www.cindyphoto.co.za

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