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Pro asks for more comparisons

Hidetada Yamagishi wants to see more comparisons at contests.

The IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Japanese origin believes that being compared just twice is not enough for competitors and the fans of the sport.

“Athletes and fans definitely want to see more comparisons,” Yamagishi wrote in a social media post. “I’m tired (I’m sure you too) of sacrificing literally everything to be compared only twice (usually once in prejudging, another one in the final) and not have a chance to be compared with guys a few spots ahead of me.”

Yamagishi most recently finished in 5th position in the Men’s Bodybuilding Open weight category at the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia.

He won the 212 division at the Arnold Classic in 2016 but decided to switch divisions and compete in the Open weight category after placing 6th in the same line-up the following year. Years back, before trading poses in the 212 section, Yamagishi was one of the standout competitors in the Open weight category.

He later posted on his Instagram account: “Good news! I spoke to an official about how I felt about the lack of comparisons and they are very receptive to the suggestion and that the Pro League is always open to suggestions!”

Also known as ‘Hide’ among his fans, the 44-year-old was the first professional Japanese bodybuilder to compete in the Mr. Olympia contest in 2007. He was also the first Japanese bodybuilder who was invited to compete at the Arnold Classic.

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  1. He is looking great.This year he will make it through to the top level!

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