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Pose perfectly!

A complete posing guide for NABBA athletes

Developing a physique to showcase is a competition in its own right. Although there is no substitute for a fantastic and well-balanced physique, an exceptional posing routine can often be the difference between first and second place at a show.

There are plenty of well-documented examples where athletes with outstanding physiques beat fellow competitors with slightly better physiques because of a magnificently executed posing routine in a closely-fought bodybuilding battle.

Bodybuilding is, however, not only about the day of competition. It takes a considerable amount of time to prepare yourself for show day, beginning months in advance. The time you need to train, prepare and eat food and practice the art of posing is a big part of the journey. The sport is about your personal commitment to this journey – to bringing your physique to a level only a few individuals ever achieve, and putting all your intensity and effort into everything you do. And a key component of this includes the ability to showcase your muscles effectively in front of judges and the audience.

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