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Our most insane workouts

As perennial observers of the construction of prodigious muscle mass over the years, we at Muscle Evolution have witnessed how a ton of weight was moved in gyms to build better bodies. In this issue we take a look back at some of the bodybuilding industry’s hardest training athletes, milking the absolute maximum out of every rep to reap the rewards.

Chris Pillay: Lunges all day long

Ronnie Coleman lunged his way to eight Mr. Olympia titles. Always keen to employ intelligent training principles, SA IFBB and NABBA Overall champ Chris Pillay took a leaf out of ‘the Big Nasty’s’ training bible and used the walking lunge on a regular basis to cover all bases for his exceptional leg development when he flexed in the competitive arena. According to Chris, the cliché of ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ also rings true in the gym.

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