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No-meat muscle

Nutrition for bodybuilding is almost always exclusively tweaked for animal eaters. But is it possible to kick ass in the gym when you’re not eating huge amounts of steak? What does a bodybuilding diet characterised by an absence of meat really look like and, more importantly, does it work?

Bigger & stronger

To gain muscle your body needs a surplus of energy to repair and rebuild itself. This means you need to eat slightly more than what you burn to get bigger. If you underfeed your body you will struggle to find the energy to hit the weights hard and heavy in the gym to create that stimulus for muscle growth. In fact, when you train regularly, you need more protein than someone who doesn’t, because exercise causes muscle damage. Amino acids – what proteins are made up of – are then needed to repair that tissue damage. With every rep you bang out, you’re causing micro-tears in your muscle fibres. The body then repairs muscles, but not to their previous state, but rather rebuilds them bigger and stronger than before so that they can better handle the stress of future training sessions. Can you then build muscle without eating meat, the staple of countless bodybuilders across the globe?

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