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New IFBB Elite Pro League

International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) amateur athletes with the desire to become professionals have a new platform with the dawn of a new era in worldwide bodybuilding and fitness.

After parting ways with the National Physique Committee (NPC) and IFBB Pro League run by Jim Manion, the IFBB has decided to reassume its professional activities under the banner of IFBB Elite Pro League.

This worldwide Pro organisation will have an improved and totally upgraded structure and extends an invitation to athletes from across the globe to join their ranks.

Elite Pro Qualifiers will be held in the following countries:

  • IFBB Elite Pro in Finland – 7 October
  • IFBB Elite Pro in Italy – 26 November
  • IFBB Elite Pro in Spain
  • IFBB Elite Pro in UK
  • IFBB Elite Pro in Brazil

IFBB Elite Pro categories comprise of the following:

  • IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilding – there are 2 bodyweight categories for men:90kg and over 90kg
  • IFBB Elite Pro Classic Bodybuilding – the competitors’ bodyweight is limited according to their body height, following the IFBB formula for each body height category. Currently there is 1 open category.
  • IFBB Elite Pro Women Body Fitness
  • IFBB Elite Pro Women’s Bikini Fitness
  • IFBB Elite Pro Men’s Physique
  • IFBB Elite Pro Muscular Men’s Physique
  • IFBB Elite Pro Women’s Physique
  • IFBB Elite Pro Women’s Wellness Fitness

IFBB athletes eligible for an Elite Pro Card need to have the following:

  • Placement among the Top 15 in the Elite ranking on the 1st of October
  • Placement among the Top 15 in the Elite ranking from the 1st of October till 31st of December (or the date of the last Elite ranking event)
  • Placement in the Top 3 in all the Elite Pro Qualifiers

IFBB Elite Pro Cards can be granted to the following athletes in their national championships:

  • Bodybuilding Overall
  • Classic Bodybuilding Overall
  • Men’s Physique Overall
  • Muscular Men’s Physique Overall
  • Bikini Fitness Overall
  • Body Fitness Overall
  • Wellness Fitness Overall
  • Women’s Physique Overall

To apply for a Pro Card an athlete’s application must be forwarded to the IFBB Elite Pro League with a copy to IFBB headquarters by the national federation.

Contact the ifbbelitepro@ifbb.com or visit www.eliteproifbb.com for additional information.

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