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  • Canadian bodybuilder Iain Valliere has qualified for the 2018 Mr. Olympia.
    After his victory at the recently held IFBB Bigman Weekend in Spain, the 27-year-old Valliere is on everyone’s radar for the Open w […]

  • Inactivity, even if it is just for two weeks, can have a dramatic impact on your health.
    Not only did an abrupt, brief period of inactivity hasten the onset of Type 2 diabetes and elevate blood sugar levels among […]

  • A rock hard Juandre Nel walked away with the honours at the first ever Physical Culture Association (PCA) Western Province championships held in Durbanville at the weekend.
    Juandre won the Junior and the Overall […]

  • Researchers have found that long-term heat therapy could boost the mitochondrial function in muscles.
    In the study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, scientists of the Brigham Young University in […]

  • When activity in a certain part of our brain is suppressed our craving for high-calorie foods increases.
    Scientists have found that when they temporarily decreased activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex – […]

  • The title of Mr. Olympia is annually awarded to the best bodybuilder in the world. But what can we learn from the men who stood out among the best of the best?
    Only 13 men have won the coveted Sandow trophy in […]

  • Egyptian Pro bodybuilder Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay is determined to nail his conditioning and to stop the reigning Mr. Olympia Phil Heath from winning his eighth Sandow.
    In new progress photos released by Bader […]

  • 8 September – IBFF National Championships

    Where: Kaleideo Auditorium, 32 Fiskaal Street, Glen Marais, Kempton Park, Gauteng

    On this day the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBFF) will hold […]

  • A dazzling Claire Schrikker-Bowles was crowned the Overall winner of the Ms. Diva Extravaganza hosted by the Physical Culture Association (PCA) in Cape Town at the weekend.
    Claire first grabbed the attention of […]

  • With the Mr. Olympia contest only weeks away bodybuilders around the world are doing everything within their power to come in huge and shredded for this year’s muscle fest.
    Two world class competitors who are […]

  • A bodybuilding documentary film, following IFBB Pro Kevin Levrone’s return to the competitive stage, has been released by Generation Iron.
    Born To Overcome tells the story behind the legendary 53-year-old IFBB […]

  • It should be noted that the IFBB’s new Classic Physique category will not replace the Classic Bodybuilding division.
    IFBB officials introduced the Classic Physique to competitions in order to improve the sport of […]

  • For the first time ever, bodybuilding fans will help to choose a winner at the 2018 Mr. Olympia contest.
    People will cast one of the votes to select the 2018 winner of the contest. This marks the first time ever […]

  • Michael Appelcryn was simply unstoppable at the IFBB’s Boksburg Classic held in Kempton Park at the weekend, taking the Senior Men up to and including 90kg category and then the Overall title.
    Michael was the […]

  • Bodybuilding fans will have the right to choose a People’s Champion at this year’s Mr. Olympia contest taking place on the 14th and the 15th of September in Las Vegas.
    According to Robin Chang, promoter of the […]

  • Dump your current leg routine and go beast mode – courtesy of former IFBB Pro bodybuilder Branch ‘Quadrasaurus ‘Warren.
    Branch is known for going absolutely savage in the gym every chance he gets. “Nothing in my […]

  • Dairy that is high in fat quantity will not send people to an early grave.
    This is the latest conclusion reached by a team of scientists after they conducted research at the University of Texas on the link […]

  • If you are on the hunt for that toned look you might be in for a big surprise!
    According to exercise scientist Wayne Westcott part of how ‘toned’ you become basically boils down to genetics.

    But don’t get […]

  • Johnny Moutzouris is the talk of the town after winning the Masters, Senior Men under 85kg as well as the Overall title at the fourth edition of the popular Rise of the Phoenix competition hosted by the Physical […]

  • Generation Iron 3 is almost completed and is expected to be released in October.
    Much like its predecessors, Generation Iron 1 and 2, the third bodybuilding documentary will give another insider perspective of t […]

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